Sunday, April 11, 2010

Time for an update!

Here we are in Colorado!  We love CO, especially in the summer…we got here a little early, but that’s OK!

We will be camphosting at Cherry Creek State Park, near Denver, through June 15.  This is our first camphost/volunteer position since we retired.  So far, so good.   Our job is to clean up the campsites as folks leave – clean out the fire pits, pick up trash, clean off the picnic tables, etc.   Today was our first “busy” day – the park was near full this weekend, and most folks leave on Sunday (poor guys – have to get back to work/school). 

Our site for the next few weeks:


View from our door …



Ooops – this is what happens when you get to CO too early!  (picture taken April 7)


However, the snow didn’t last long – this is a common sight each morning & evening (taken from our “patio").


The plus side of being here early is having the park mostly to ourselves – here is view of our site from up the street – notice that the grass is getting greener as the days pass – the trees are budding, you just can’t see it in these pictures.


One thing I really love about this park is the system of trails…so it’s very easy to talk long walks with no traffic to watch!  Probably most of my pictures the next few weeks will be from my daily walks – like these:





After a beautiful, warm day, here are the clouds rolling in – chance of showers tomorrow.


And one final shot – taken just a few minutes ago…


It will be fun to watch summer coming!

til later…..

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