Monday, April 26, 2010

Spring is in the Air!


The trees & grass continue to get greener by the day…of course, they SHOULD be getting green with all the rain, snow, hail, etc. that we have been getting!

Camphosting is going along fine – actually, a LOT better since I got an allergy shot & some heavy-duty allergy meds.  Breathing is so nice!  I may start feeling up to doing some walking/hiking and other fun stuff now.

So, our routine has been sleeping in (yeah!!! no alarm clocks for this job!) then cleaning up campsites, followed by showers then either running errands, napping, reading, whatever!  Right now, we are waiting for the final two sites to be vacated so that we can finish up for the day and start playing.  Today, I’m off to the grocery store to get goodies for a breakfast potluck to follow our volunteer meeting tomorrow morning…got to keep that calorie count up!

Here are some shots  taken since my last post – ahhh – springtime in Colorado!

(These are all taken here at Cherry Creek State Park.)






IMG_5269 IMG_5274


Of course, our favorite leisure activity has been spoiling #1 grandson (#1 in age – we adore both of our grandsons!)  We think he is quite amazing!


IMG_5216 IMG_5242



Isn’t he a cutie!!!

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